Sunny evening, 6 June 2018

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Sunday 7 February

A bright and at times sunny day, but feeling cold in the wind. Went for a walk in the Castle Grounds (see previous post), where things were still very much on a wintry footing. The snow has only been gone for a few days, so very little to see in terms of crocuses or snowdrops. Afterwards, a lunch at a local restaurant. By 3pm, it was homeward bound. The streets were Sunday-deserted - although it was past ferry departure time. In the hour or so before 2.30pm, people who are travelling to the mainland will have passed through the town. It appears we had the best weather in the country; there will be snow in the east this week.


  1. The wind has been very cold Guido up an down differant parts of England I have heard today.Better you than me braveing it.Nice to have a good meal out,I hope you enjoyed.Sundays always seems a quiet street day to me.Snow has been predicted for us again this week Brrrrrr.Have a good evening.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

  2. Nice to see the green grass there in your pictures today as we are covered in snow and will likely be that way for some time to come too. The temps promise to be below freezing here for the next week.

  3. Enjoying your pictures. Perhaps one day warm weather will exist again for us all. I am ready for it now. Have a great week. We are all watching the Superbowl (football) here tonight. I'm not so much of a sports fan but I'll probably go hang with the crowd. lol And eat. ha.

  4. Great phots as usual on your header. We are still on the west Texas weather roller coaster. My crocus shoots popped up last week. Cold front tonight & snow tomorrow. Not back into the 40s until the end of the week. Hope you are staying warm & safe.
    Barb *queenb