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Thursday, 11 February 2010


Over the past 6 months, the screen on my laptop has been showing increasingly interesting colour schemes, which bear little resemblance to what the computer part of it has been putting out to it. After doing a few DIY diagnostic tricks, it turns out to be a hardware fault. Screens on laptops are prone to break or fail, so I went onto Amazon and ordered a replacement LCD screen. This arrived in the mail this morning, so I sat down and took the screen part to bits and installed the new LCD. You can well imagine the sinking feeling when I switched the laptop on afterwards - only to be greeted by a mitigated version of the same bl**dy fault.

As regular readers are aware, I have been going on dozens of flights over the past 21 months (a journey to Amsterdam involves three flights) and I had my laptop in my case - which goes into the hold. Hold luggage is subjected to a frightful battering, and I suppose something has been damaged at some stage.

I'll have it fixed at some stage, but it's not a major problem. I fortunately have the use of an external screen - which allowed me to ascertain that it was the screen going wonky.


  1. Oh Dear Guido,I am sorry to read of this.As yet I do not have a laptop,I am undecided whether I would use it much at all,if I bought one..I do find them very heavy on the lap and soon get warm when I have used my Daughters th eodd time.People advise me to pop it on a desk or table,but to me a LAPTOP is a LAPTOP.What a shame you went to the expence and labour of fitting a new screen to have this happen.Grrrrr.The point is you may have needed it urgently.You probably are right in saying it has been damaged in flight.I hope you soon get sorted without much more expense.Have a good day.Take Care God bless Kath xx

  2. I never put my laptop in my case---I always have it the cabin with me

  3. Sorry about your sceen..but it is a pretty nice colourful picture !! Maybe it would be wiser next time to take it in as hand luggage. I htink that is what I will do when I take my new wee net book to US in May...Mary and I just back from 4 freezing days in Margate long time since... if I ever had for that matter...seen snow on a beach !!