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Saturday, 6 February 2010

Saturday 6 February

Nice sunny morning with gentle easterly breezes and a reasonable 7C on the thermometer. That's a lot better than the east coast of the US, which is warned of a snowfall of 2½ feet and more in Washington DC. If you're there, please take care.

The BBC is pulling the plug on its active involvement with the Island Blogging site, to which I contributed myself under a nom de plume - which I tend not to refer to. We were warned in December 2008 that this was going to happen, and as of Friday 12 February, no more postings or comments will be able to be left on the site. Virtually all the bloggers have gone over to their own blogs or to a new Island Blogging site. It is a pity that the Beeb could not be bothered to furnish us with an improved blogging service, but such are the vagaries of the licence fee recipients; it's more important to stuff fat cats like Terry Wogan than to serve Johnny Public.

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  1. Aye! It's true Guido. The minority of fat cats are gaining all the perks whilst the majority, aka Jo Public, are let down once again.
    I'm beginning to think the BBC licence should be abolished. It would be such a shame to dissolve such an institution but its previous 'values' are slowly going down the pan in front of our eyes.
    Who wants to pay for something we have no say in anymore.
    Shame about your website. As if loosing AOL wasn't enough!