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Saturday, 27 February 2010

End of day

As the tsunami, generated 16 hours ago, continues to make its way across the Pacific, the death toll in Chile rises - more than 200. The surge reached Hawaii some two hours ago and in places was nearly 1 metre above normal tidal level. In New Zealand, harbours reported that the water was like a washing machine and tidal flows running at 12 knots, a lot faster than normal. Apart from 5 fatalities on Juan Fernandez, off Chile, no casualties have so far been reported from the Pacific basin, resulting from the tsunami. It is also affecting the west coast of the US, with a surge of 5 feet above normal tidal levels reported in southern California. The wave should decline as it passes north towards Canada - the tsunami passed the US/Canadian border a few minutes ago.

The tsunami is expected to continue for another 15 hours or so, reaching the island of Taiwan and the Bering Strait by around 1500 GMT tomorrow.

If you're in an area under threat: please follow all advice and directions by local authorities. A tsunami is not a single wave and a threat will persist for several hours after the first wave has passed through.


  1. I saw some people getting ready to watch for the Tsunami near their coastal area on-line yesterday. What possesses them to put themselves at risk like this?
    I had no idea that there would be more than one wave but of makes sense. I am a twit! lol

  2. I was watching all of this on TV, but didn't really see anything much in Hawaii. Hilo had its waters recede and there was much discoloration in the water as it receded. Then we had to go to dinner and I missed the rest of the coverage. Hope everything is ok. I've not seen news this morning.