Sunny evening, 6 June 2018

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Tuesday 12 January

Sunny this morning, but with increasing levels of high cloud. In other words, change is in the offing. The ice on the grass in the backyard is slowly melting, and we no longer need to put out old bread for the birds. The birdfeeders are restocked regularly. For those in the UK, the RSPB is holding a Big Garden Birdwatch on January 30th and 31st, more details here. I participated in that a few years ago, but had a spot of bother when I wanted to report a cormorant around the house. They're not garden birds apparently.

The last surviving member of the group who helped to hide Anne Frank in Amsterdam during the Second World War has died at the age of 100 in a nursing home. Miep Gies had supplied the Frank family with food. After their deportation to a death camp in 1944, she had retrieved Anne's diary.

Don't forget it's Holocaust Memorial Day on January 27th. 


  1. We are thawing out here in the Lakes too Guido. I never thought I would be so greatful to see the green of the laurel hedge across the road from my front window. Some colour is seeping back into our lives at last!
    I haven't seen too many little birds around my bird feeder. I'm quite worried about that.
    Such a brave family to have kept the Frank's family supplied and hidden for so long.
    Rest in peace Miep Gies. You deserve all your rewards in heaven.

  2. Hi there Guido. We only have 2 more whole degrees in Nashville, TN (USA) to be above freezing for once. Feels like we are thawing a bit. But not much. Still a long way from Daffodil time. But if we can get oNE more snow (big one), I'll then be ready for Spring. Hope you have a good rest of the week. Mine is not going by fast enough.

  3. I am still feeding the birds with split corn, sunflower hearts and wholemeal bread. Also attending to the water feature every 6 hours!
    So many people fail to understand that in very cold weather the birds require water far more than food.

  4. I am still loading my bird feeders with split corn and sunflower hearts but no longer have to attend the water features to defrost them every 8 hours.
    Many people do not realise that in severe cold the main need for birds is liquid water.
    My garden has been inundated by many birds not usually seen in an urban setting. They have all seemed to home in on the availability of water before the food. The more 'wild'to an urban garden seemed to relish the berries on my young holly tree more than the food I provided.