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Monday, 18 January 2010

Monday 18 January

Another week starts, and it's actually quite a nice if slightly nippy day. Hosed the salt off the windows, facing away from the sea. Those fronting the sea were washed clean by rain. The spray was blown in by Saturday morning's highish winds. Although the weather is calm at present, high winds are expected to return late tomorrow.

Locally, plans have been unveiled to improve Perceval Square, currently in use as a carpark off Stornoway's main shopping street, Cromwell Street. In order to turn Perceval Square into a town square, the toilet block will have to be moved, leading to despairing reactions from those liable to be caught short. Leaving that to one side, the plans look like an improvement to me.

I was somehow surprised to read that every person in Scotland drinks on average 46 bottles of vodka or 550 pints of beer each year. Scots have this unenviable love affair with alcohol, and the results show in society. The Monday morning local news in Lewis tends to be full of the misdeeds of the preceding weekend, mainly drink-fuelled.


  1. The windows at our flat at the coast Guido are a pain.Never clean from wind and seaspray etc.No sooner have you cleaned them than they are the same again.They did an improvment similar to this in front of our flat regarding demolishing a toilet block whereby many protested.It's now a lovely grassed area and gardens.Much better and visitors and locals soon got used to going elsewhere and are now delighted with the new results.Drink is a very big problem in todays society.Have a good day.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

  2. Salty windows on our cars are the only ones that need cleaning here right now. I never thought about salt being on the windows of houses. How different life is near the ocean. I hope your Monday is a good one.

  3. I wish I had the sea salt to clean off my windows. I would love to live so close to the sea. I had to chuckle at the amount of vodka Scots drink!!!

  4. Gee Guido,
    I had a devil of a time leaving a comment on your last post
    Did you ever receive it?
    This is an interesting topic
    what would improve it