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Monday, 31 August 2009

Monday 31 August

Today it's 12 years ago that Princess Diana was killed in a carcrash in Paris. The cause of the crash is excessive speed coupled with excess alcohol in the bloodstream of the driver, who also lost his life. The nationwide and indeed worldwide outpouring of grief over the death of the "People's Princess" was unprecedented. Speculation surrounding the crash have continued ever since, and the unseemly legal battle fought by Mohamed Al-Fayed was only brought to a close last year. His son, Dodi, was killed alongside Diana, and the two were at least close friends.

The weather in the islands today is grey with occasional drops of rain. This morning saw me gallivanting around town, looking for bits and pieces. I've sent off a couple of letters to historical societies in Lewis, asking for more information on about 80 men who died in World War I that I only have scant details on. Awaiting the outcome of that, and half a dozen emailed queries, with interest. Plugging the website: Faces from the Lewis War Memorial.


  1. Hi! I've never been awestruck by celebrities, but I loved Diana...I was heartbroken when she was killed.
    Your historical work is absolutely amazing. Thank you for sharing
    Hugs Maire

  2. I always adored Diana, she was such a beautiful woman...both in appearance and it seems as a human being as well. It was a sad day.