Sunny evening, 6 June 2018

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Evening notes

The sun set 10 minutes ago, and the sky is colouring purple, pink and red. We reached 21C / 70F today and it felt quite warm. It certainly did in town, and away from the sea it will have been higher. As you may be aware, I sit here on the seafront, and the cool waters of the Atlantic certainly have a moderating influence on the weather.

I'm not a celebrity follower, but it is reported that Michael Jackson was taken to hospital by ambulance today, apparently not breathing when paramedics attended. Although I'm not a fan of him, I do hope MJ makes a good recovery.

Locally, the debate on Sunday ferries will take to the airwaves tomorrow afternoon at 5pm on local radiostation Isles FM.

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  1. I suppose by now you have learned he died, somewhat of a shock even though poor health has been reported for years. And Farah Faucett, too! Gerry