View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Wednesday 2 December

Although it's still windy, the wind has dropped down a notch or two to force 6, from force 9 yesterday afternoon. The sun is peeping through the clouds here and there, and the ferry is sailing again, after missing the afternoon crossing yesterday.

I am pleased to note that the British yachtsmen, who had been detained by the Iranian authorities since last week, have now been freed. Following a delay due to a religious holiday, the Revolutionary Guard got round to interrogating the sailors and it transpired that their presence in Iranian waters had been a mistake. The five crewmembers of the "Kingdom of Bahrain" were released and towed into international waters earlier this morning.

If you click on certain newspaper sites more than 5 times in a day, you may be required to pay for further access. In the battle between newspapers and the internet, Google appears to have blinked first.

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  1. What a blinking cheek Google.Plus 5 and we pay,tut tut!