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Saturday, 5 December 2009

Twitter followers

I am wondering why someone who is in favour of gun ownership (the Second Amendment in the US constitution) is following me on Twitter. After each gun atrocity in the US, I voice my pretty strident opposition to the undiluted right to bear arms. I wonder in the first place how they came across my little Twitter ID. But, such is the world of the Internet.


  1. I have guns in my home. Even if we weren't allowed to have them, the bad guys would find a way to get them. I'm glad we can have them because if someone breaks into my home, they won't walk out.

  2. I found to my surprise I was being followed by an American sporting site..based on U.S. sports,
    a tad esoteric for me. my sporting tweets usually
    re and pro NUFC the TOON.