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Monday, 7 December 2009


The Danish capital is playing host to a major international conference on climate change. One of the items under discussion is whether climate change is actually real. An exchange of emails, leaked from Cambridge University, appears to show the scientific community at loggerheads over the issue. Particularly those whose livelihood depends on the usage of oil tend to refer to this.

BBC News highlighted the issue of renewable energy and NIMBY'ism (Not In My Back Yard). Wind turbines tend to generate a lot of opposition from those living in the proximity of a windfarm - the Isle of Lewis has seen off one proposed windfarm on the grounds that it was in breach of an EU habitat directive. Elsewhere though, those opposing windfarm developments are accused of NIMBY'ism and narrow-mindedness. However, I will say that there is way too much focus on wind-energy as a source of renewable energy; wave- and tidal energy are actually more constant and reliable.

I can see that the Copenhagen Conference will see a lot of hot air and wonderfully phrased commitments. Whether it will lead to any major progress to fight climate change remains to be seen. To those who don't believe climate change is real: the extent of the polar ice cap has decreased by double-figure percentage points in the last few decades; the British Met Office has also released data showing that average temperatures have been on the rise in recent times.


  1. Great to know that the Met Office is on the ball giving the news as it really is.
    Francis Wilson writes supportively each week in Sunday Times,another weather expert.There may be hope yet for my grandkids.

  2. Dear Guido, ok I give does one harness wave energy and tidal energy?
    Would you mind please writing me back on my blog and or telling me you have written an entry about his? I am keen to find out!
    Guido your comments were very interesting here..
    I think people sometimes do not think it is a warming per say as some European scientists point to a "weather change" which might include and Ice Age!
    we are moving closer to warm planets I think too
    Many thanks for your warm comments on Saint Nicholas!

  3. hugs come and see me again
    Natalie Lurkynat

  4. I believe in climate change. My biggest question is can 'we' really determine where the change comes from or is the change part of God's master plan? Yeah, I know. I know. ;)