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Monday, 14 December 2009

3636 days down, 17 to go

and the Noughties will be over. The BBC have compiled a set of drawings (note: PDF file, 8MB) depicting the decade which is coming to an end in a fortnight's time. What are your memories of the 2000/2009 decade?

The main one for everybody is of course 9/11. 


  1. OMG! You are so right. I will be looking forward to seeing this year go. I hope next year will not be as stressful and as full of drama as this year was. Come to think of it, last year was pretty bad also. Let's just say goodbye to the whole decade! LOL... Merry Christmas to you, G. May the Lord fill your life with more blessings than you can ever imagine.

  2. On the whole a sad and worrying decade for myself and others, personally - ill health, hospital treatment, increased medication, the loss of my brother, the loss of friends including on the computer, 911 and all that has come after, all the troops who have died in Iraq and Afghanistan, the world financial situation, health scares in the media and swine flu. The list is endless. On the whole the last decade has not been a bundle of laughs for any of us.

    But life has its balances. On the plus side the births of our two wonderful Grandsons, the fact hubby and I are still together, the new friends I have made and much more.

    None of us know what the future holds but we can all hope and pray that the next decade is a good one.