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Thursday, 12 November 2009

Thursday 12 November

Overcast, with some chinks of brightness and the occasional drop of rain. The barometer is slowly falling, and the rainfall radar shows a large band of heavy rain over Ireland. This appears to have our name on it. As does another band presently still out in the Atlantic.

Here in Lewis, there is a promise for 100 new jobs at Arnish (across the water from my position), if and when a fish processing factory is opened there. Bearing in mind the poor state the local economy is in, all new jobs are welcome. The Fabrication Yard has operated a revolving door policy (now it's open, now it's shut), and I'll never forget the wind turbines being taken across to Denmark for finishing, when one of its previous operators went bust in the middle of filling an order. Upon return from Kolding, one of the turbines fell overboard into the North Sea during a force 9 gale...

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  1. Guido, if the job situation on the islands was not such a serious subject your description would make a wonderful start for a film script !!
    revolving doors, turbines falling overboard !!
    Been a very wet and wild afternoon here and same for tomorrow is the forecast...
    Love Sybil x