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Sunday, 1 November 2009

Sunday 1 November

A wet day in Stornoway. Not as wet and windy as is currently the case in northern England and southern Scotland - more than 2 inches of rain and winds up to 60 mph. Autumn is now firmly in charge.

I am very displeased with Blogger and Google Reader today. First of all, I am unable to manage my Followed blogs on Blogger, and when I tried to do that on the Reader, it messed up my arrangement of blogs on there. I have nearly 400 subscriptions (not all blog, but put that count at 350). Adding Blogs I Follow was a big mistake. Things rearranged themselves, and I'm find myself going through that unwanted addition to put it all back.

Some football fans, travelling by train from Edinburgh to Aberdeen last night, were dressed up as sheep. Those in the UK will be familiar with an advertisement, showing a railway station and a train full of sheep - and one man. The fans decided to have even more fun and set one "sheep" alight. Two people were hurt and taken to hospital in Kirkcaldy, on the Fife coast. Others were arrested and are assisting police with their enquiries.


  1. It is partly sunny here today and brisk out. It amazes me how many blogs you follow. Hope your Sunday is a good one.

  2. Wow, you sure do follow alot of blogs! I don't know how you can keep up and then add Twitter & head spins just thinking about it! Poor man being set on fire, that is crazy. I was watching a show last night about the Shetland Islands ~ I had never before realized that the Shetland Pony began there. It was beautiful country side and reminded me of the pictures you post.

  3. God people are nuts!!What were they thinking--I am astounded at the stupidity of people anymore..Am praying he'll be alright...
    take care and have a great day...

  4. OMG....that is a lot of blog following!!!! I hope you are able to fix it back to how you had it. Thanks for stopping by, Guido.

  5. do you search for a blog author??? Leave me a comment to let me know. Thanks!!