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Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Social networking - one columnist's view

I read the Press and Journal newspaper, the regional paper for the north of Scotland. One of its columnists is UK columnist of the year. Not if her outpouring in today's P&J is anything to go by: prejudiced to a P. Read for yourself -


  1. I have read the article and hear an alarm bell being rung by a very talented writer.

    We can all sometimes scream too loudly when we see danger and fail to recognise or welcome the goodness when it seems to be overwhelmed by evil.

    The article is unbalanced and only gives the negative view a voice.

    Given time 'technology' will always reply to our questions whether we have the intelligence to understand the answer or the wisdom to correctly use it is finally up to us.

    A bad workman often blames his tools when challenged to explain a rotten job.

    I see a time when bad workmen will be removed from the real and virtual world.

    Until then both the real and virtual world will be full of people whose only aim is to prey on the ignorant and weak for their own personal gain.

    Those people should never blind us to the goodness that can be found everywhere if we take time to look for it.

  2. A very interesting & well written article in my opinion. I have to say I agree with her on some points but I think she is casting a black cloud over some of the good things that can come from an online friendship as well. I've come to care for a few people I've never met and most likely never will. I never knew chatbots existed, they sound creepy!