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Friday, 20 November 2009

Second Life

Second Life, a virtual world, was all the hype some 3 years ago. The BBC was wondering if it is still a hype. No, is the simple answer.

I joined SL in 2006, but found it a singularly awkward set-up to handle. Apart from that, the folk whose avatars I came across were unpleasant, unhelpful and rude. I was not prepared to spend money on a site like that, and certainly not if there was not going to be any interest. I know someone who is doing a lot on SL, but was not really prepared to help, was in fact condescending about my professed lack of knowledge or perceived difficulties. It is a niche set-up for the select few - and I'm avoiding the word anorak here.


  1. use the word anorak guido.its a damn sight politer than the words i i didnt get on with it at all.bit disconcerting to have some muscular conan the barbarian type avater come up to your ordinary looking one,and be rude,especially when you know who it about wishful thinking tc mort

  2. I have enough problems with the one life I was given. I do not want a second life or to be born again, thank you!