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Monday, 30 November 2009

Minarets not allowed

The Swiss people have voted to ban the construction of minarets on mosques in Switzerland. There are currently 4 minarets in the country, with about 100 Islamic prayer houses. The reason for the ban is that it would infringe on Swiss culture, which is predominantly Christian. A worrying development. The same reasoning is being deployed by far right parties across Western Europe, such as those found in Holland and the UK. Anyone who manages to gather 100,000 signatures can call for a nationwide referendum in Switzerland.

It is deplorable that the Swiss cannot get themselves to allow expressions of multiculturalism in their country, in a world which is continually on the move, and where people from various cultures mix across the globe. I am aware that a reluctance to allow expressions of faiths, other than the one most common found in a country, is not restricted to Europe.


  1. Dear Guido, I find this an interesting
    do you think that people should be required to learn their host country's language and history so that new people can become informed citizens?
    I do...
    Holland has messed up n that one and is now trying to insert these requirements for people who have immigrated there or who are about to
    what do you think of that problem?
    I agree in part with your thinking i.. along as you agree with mine too! lol!:) hugs

  2. A dangerous trend, indeed. At some point then, will countries who have taken this stand decide that only one specific branch of "Christianity" is going to be allowed in that country over any other?