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Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Follow up

My previous post, Ultimate Sacrifice, requires a bit of extra information. It would appear that The Sun newspaper had prompted Cpl Janes' mother to record her conversation with PM Gordon Brown. A callous ploy to get at the Prime Minister, who has recently lost the political support of The Sun. They have shifted their political stance, best typified by the ladies on page three. My political allegiances are nobody's business, but it is common knowledge that Gordon Brown lost a child at a young age himself, and to abuse a woman's grief and grievance is typical for The Sun newspaper.


  1. Anyone who relies on the tabloid papers to give them the truth about ANYTHING is living in cloud cuckoo-land.
    The land where the cuckoo lays it's egg full of lies for the ignorant idiots to rear as the best thing they have seen since sliced bread and feed despite the fact it murders their own offspring.
    The Sun newspaper is misnamed, mismanaged and mis informed.

  2. As soon as I knew that The Sun had published the letter, I thought they probably had their own axe to grind. It's a shame this lady let herself be used like this.