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Sunday, 18 October 2009

Sunday 18 October

Fairly bright and sunny today, quite a nice afternoon. As I type this, I find out that the Queen Mary II cruiseliner is passing down the Minch - and right on cue, she appears from behind the Coastguard Station. I can only just make her out on the distant horizon, 12 miles away. Hebrides News has an extensive write-up about the QM2.

Spent part of the morning raking leaves - and judging by the state of the trees, that will have to be repeated a few times more. Last night was very windy and wet, but the day dawned bright, cloudless and innocent. I'll post a picture of the QM2 later today.

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  1. Raking leaves is something I should be doing, but it is chilly out and for now I'm in for the day. May warm up more later. If so I'll go out.
    The sun is hiding behind some clouds here.