Sunny evening, 6 June 2018

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Reading of blogs

Well, the number of posts to be read on Google Reader has once more climbed above the 100 mark, so tomorrow I shall head that way once more. There are a number of journals that I keep a close eye on, including those highlighted on Call for Support. Other people I monitor through Facebook. Getting slightly square-eyed (my bodyclock says it's 11.25pm, although the wall clock calls it 10.25pm). More tomorrow.


  1. Good nite, G! How sad about the black cat abuse! I have one that I adore!

    be well...

  2. I can't get around to too many blogs because I have to keep up with my family site one, plus my other blog, and my video blog, so I just read the ones I have cultivated as regulars and dont add any new ones. I had something hang on and on, a summer flu, but sad things were happening so I was down and the thing would not go away. So we do what we can. 100 blogs sounds like a hell of a lot, but I know you have always done that. I love my blog list, keeping up with the headlines that come and go on the blogs I have on there, plus I have my newspaper blog headlines telling me Arizona news, crimes and all. Ecch! Have a good night or day in Scotland! Gerry

  3. I hate to admit this, but mine climbed above the 1000 mark once. I've been trying to keep them down lately, but I still don't get by as often as I'd like to see everyone.