Sunny evening, 6 June 2018

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Front picture

I have once more changed the picture, heading this blog, to an image I took last Wednesday during a visit to Bosta Beach in Great Bernera. What is littering the beach is seaweed, torn loose in recent gales. The island in the distance is called Old Hill, which can be seen from near the Butt of Lewis, some 35 miles to the northeast.


  1. This is a beautiful place! So glad to see it as your header. Lovely.

  2. Love that picture, Thank you
    Love Sybil x

  3. What a glorious photo. I must have lived near the ocean in a former life, it calls to me so.
    Hope you had a good weekend.
    Take care. Barb from chilly for Oct, West TX.

  4. This is my kind of view Guido. I can imagine just sitting here forever!


  5. It is a beautiful photo - I love beaches and oceans.