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Tuesday, 20 October 2009


This evening, as I was browsing my Twitter-feed, I noticed a message from Sandra about her dog, Jake. See Call for Support for details. The fact that I found this on Twitter was already an indication about the changes that have happened in our erstwhile community that we called J-land. Many have moved over to Facebook and use Twitter alongside. I browsed some of the blogs that were in Sandra's sidebar, and found many to be defunct or not updated since the move from AOL. Jan, who was once the figurehead of AOL Journals, has now not updated her journal since last June. And there are so many others like her.

Makes me quite sad in a way. But, such is life. Change happens, and not always for the best. Facebook is cluttered with the messages about various games, and I usually don't bother to trawl through all that. I am following about 140 people on Twitter, and as I glance at my Tweetdeck window, it is about as much as I can handle.

Just a memory from 3 years ago


  1. I know exactly what you're saying Guido. I am addicted to two dammed games of FB and I am trying hard to STOP!

    I'm also trying to get back to blogging more, FB less.

    I miss my 'old' on-line friends and it makes me a bit blue too ... but ... change does happen, for better or worse.

    I think in this case, it might be just a bit worse. Where has all the writing and thought gone? Simply throwing a random thought doesn't constitue a relationship ... or does it?

    Tough to know.

    I keep checking the now defunct blogs, just in case. Just. In. Case.

  2. I'm glad you keep abreast of what happens so you can let us know. I did stop by Sandras blog . Thank you.

  3. Guido, I had a long chat with Sandra yesterday. It came as such a shock to them as Jake is only six and a half and it was totally unexpected. She simply could not face writing anything about it on her journal and I can understand that. She will do so when the time is appropriate. I know she does not want to give up her journal. She will be back. So, will I when we get the upheavals over with. I remember the old days so well. I was listed on AOL as an example of what a good blog should be, I helped many people start up their journals, including Jan. Those were the glory days. Alas, no more.

  4. i feel sad that so many friends have left their blogs, or either only update every few mos. i posted awhile back, about so many of our 'group' now on facebook, twitter, my space, etc.
    i check my reader every few mos & delete those having not posted in over 3 mos. very sad indeed.
    but, yes, change does happen...not always for the better.
    i visited sandra earlier.

  5. I just very recently started playing those silly games that I once despised on FB... I figured if you can't beat 'em....!

    I know what you mean about the blogs, though, I really try to update mine occasionally, and keep up with the others that still blog. But there aren't many.... and I think it's because FB is just so much faster for keeping in touch. I hate Twitter, though. I don't use that one much at all. I really do miss the bloggers, though... especially a few that left completely, dropped off the cyber earth. Very sad!!

  6. It is a very different world now that AOL Journals have gone by the wayside.

    I tried both FB & Twitter and found FB was exasperating to keep on top of and I was stressed trying to do so. Honestly I don't know that I am all that exciting (or egotistical enough to think anyone would even care) to be updating my activities minute by minute on Twitter. I've closed both accounts.

    I'll hang in there on the blogging, there are quite alot of blogs out there and many have a huge number of followers so it is alive & well...just not with our old group of AOL folks. Very sad, too bad it had to change.

  7. It makes me sad too. I'll keep blogging whenever I feel the urge -- just don't have the urge as often as I used to --, and I'll read blogs as often as I can, and I'll continue to keep up with other people on FB, but I just can't get into Twitter. I guess it's a good thing!