Sunny evening, 6 June 2018

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Thursday 10 September

A nice, sunny day in Stornoway, where we have another cruiseliner in: the Hebridean Princess. Pay £7,000 for two weeks bobbing about on the waves in the Hebrides. No thanks, I'll use a Calmac tub to do that.

Another cruiseliner was in the news for the wrong reasons: the Balmoral, carrying more than 1,800 passengers and crew, was afflicted by the winter vomiting bug. The ship last docked at Invergordon, 25 miles north of Inverness, earlier in the week and headed for Portree in Skye. Due to the poor weather, she diverted to Tobermory. The ship's owners now state that the bug was brought on board by a passenger, who did not stay in her cabin as advised. She spread it to nearly 80 other passengers.


  1. Oh that bug does spread fast. I've heard from more than a few it is going around. I would not want to pay that kind of money for a cuise and then spend it sick for sure.

  2. dear Guido
    over 1,000 were vomiting????