Sunny evening, 6 June 2018

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Pictures - 6 September

Maaruig / Màraig

Rhenigidale / Reinigeadal

Cloud nearly at road level north of the Maaruig junction

Arivruaich / Airidh a'Bhruach

Kinloch Seaforth / Ceann Sìphoirt

Loch Eishken / Loch Eisgein


Balallan from the Eishken road

Loch Erisort Inn

South Lochs from Keose

Harbour at Keose / Ceos


  1. Gorgeous shots Guido ~ the Inn looks like a great place to go, very welcoming & charming. I'd like the house Sideabhal!

  2. Magical views Guido! Just beautiful!
    I could never tire of views like these.
    The house with the view on the promontory must be fantastic to live in. Just think of looking out daily onto all those changing scenes as the weather comes and goes. Sigh!