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Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Tuesday 18 August

It's supposed to be summer, but you could have fooled me. Rain only a short distance away (oh, it just passed over) and more to come this afternoon.

The Russian ship "Arctic Sea", shown above, was found off Cape Verde (West Africa) on Sunday, after being missing for more than 2 weeks. Its last sighting was off the French coast on July 30th, and it took the Russian navy a wee while to trace it to West Africa. Investigations are underway, and 8 people are under arrest aboard a Russian naval vessel under suspicion of piracy. This piracy is alleged to have started in the Baltic Sea, not exactly known as a hotbed for pirates.

Seven US Senators have registered their opposition to the intended release of Lockerbie bombing convict Megrahi from prison in Scotland. It would appear that the decision by Scottish Justice Secretary Kenny Macaskill will be his alone to take, and the signs are that the transfer to Libya could well be going ahead. It is my personal opinion that although Megrahi's guilt was proven beyond reasonable doubt in a Scottish Court of Law (sitting in Holland), he was put forward as a scapegoat or fall guy to take the rap for something that had the pawmarks of a certain colonel all over it.


  1. Quite a modern day mystery this whole boat thing... Interested to see the results of the investigations!

    be well...

  2. What a confounding situation. Sounds like typical government .... involvement (is that the word I'm looking for? LOL) Anyway. hope you are having a good week.
    Barb *queenb

  3. Dear Guido,
    what fascinating stories!
    WE didn't hear of the piracy of the Russian ship and of its' connections(looks like) to pirates in West Africa in the US. It is worrisome because if you recall we had to sweat it out when they captured our captain and crew! not an easy end game.
    Hummm..We did not hear of the event in the US the trail ... you mention that he had" the paw marks of a colonel on him" sheesh!
    What a load of dirty laundry!