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Sunday, 9 August 2009

Sunday 9 August

Sun is trying to break through the mid-level cloud - successfully so. It will be a welcome sight across the globe in China and Taiwan, where two typhoons have wrought havoc. The wind wasn't so much the problem, it was the sheer amount of rainfall. Taiwan had to stomach 2 metres (80 inches) of rain, which caused a hotel to collapse. Across the Taiwan Strait, China is getting prepared for Typhoon Morakot (read: tropical storm Morakot). A million people have been evacuated. The second typhoon (actually, little more than a tropical depression) Goni caused problems on Hainan Island, west of Hong Kong, where 14 villages had to be evacuated.

Source: BBC


  1. When will we ever realise this planet is the home of liquid water?
    We depend on this elixir for our lives.
    We should never forget that we are children that have yet to learn to swim in the ocean of creation.
    This may be our world, but it is not our planet.

  2. Very hot day here. can it be to hot !!
    I am having another go at blogging !!!! I can be found here
    Love as always Sybil x

  3. I was amazed to see the rainfall in Taiwan - amazing. It is hot as blazes here and so humid. It literally takes your breath away.