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Saturday, 15 August 2009

Saturday 15 August

Quite poor weather for a day in the middle of August, with heavy squalls lashing the island, with only intermittent flashes of sunlight. The Northern Lighthouse Board's inspection vessel Pharos is currently leaving port, and although she is only just past the Coastguard Station I can barely see it. On the way in is the cruiseliner Delphin, probably doubling as a vomit comet this morning. It was due in at 11 am, but the adverse weather conditions will probably delay its arrival until 1 pm. Its position on AIS is currently off Loch Erisort, 15 miles south of here. The wind? South southwest, force 6, with gusts to 40 mph, galeforce.

Did I hear anyone mention the word umbrella? I remember the city gent, some years ago, who came here on a day like today. Rain pouring down, but the force of the wind was lost on him. Although we suggested he take a taxi to go to his meeting (10 minutes' walk up the road), he insisted on going on foot, with an umbrella. On leaving the house, the force 8 gale gleefully took hold of his brolly, and he nearly took off with it. He sheepishly returned indoors, having changed his mind on the subject of taxis.

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