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Monday, 3 August 2009

Monday 3 August

Another overcast, slightly muggy day. Temperature reached 19C / 66F earlier on. Rain is heading north out of Ireland, but will not reach us before nightfall (10pm). Tomorrow, the mercury could well cross the 20C mark.

Jland (or what's left of it) has a few health concerns around: Jeannette (see Call for Support) and Krissy both have relatives who require hospital treatment. I can also not help noticing some in the southwest of the USA suffering from sky-high temperatures, well above 30C. Keep cool!

Just to plug a new venture of myself, if you're in the Outer Hebrides (or interested in the place): my Dipity has links to a few dozen blogs, news- and photosites in the area - including my own.

Also, I am currently working my way through the transcripts of the Roll of Honour. I have put a trial-page on my website. Feedback welcome.

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  1. just stopping by to wish you a good week ahead.i always read you via my reader, but seldom comment. you're forever in my thoughts tho, dear friend. ;)
    i commented on jeannette's call 4 support post. & went to see krissy, but noticed she said she had over 500 emails. so didn't leave a comment as didn't want to bog her down anymore. but sending up prayers.