Sunny evening, 6 June 2018

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Last month of summer

August is here, and meteorologically speaking, it's the last month of summer. We were told this past week that tornadoes tend to occur in autumn, and the weather here has certainly been very autumnal. Out in the tropics, the Atlantic hurricane season is yet to produce a named storm, although the Antilles have seen their seasonal progression of tropical waves, with heavy rain and gusty winds. Tropical storm Lana is east of Hawaii, but not posing a threat to that US state.

Today is overcast with a soft breeze. The rainfall radar shows a thin line of rain crossing Lewis, and it should be here shortly.


  1. We've had a decent summer with lower temps than average and barely humid but we're paying the due now. It has been miserably hot and very, very humid with dewpoints in the 70's. Of course this brings storms each day as well. I am looking forward to fall now.

  2. dear Guido, very interesting post! thank you!
    yours truly, natalie