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Saturday, 18 July 2009

Saturday 18 July

The morning has been quite wet, although there is not much wind today. Our replacement ferry, MV Isle of Arran, has just chugged out of the bay, on the first of its two crossings to Ullapool for the day. It will finally return tonight at 3 am. What will happen on Sunday is as yet not clear - there is talk of two sailings instead of the billed one. People are advised to relocated to Tarbert in Harris to take the ferry from there to Skye, but it is rumoured that this boat is fully booked.

The oldest veteran from the First World War, still alive in the UK, has died at the age of 113. Henry Allingham, who saw six monarchs in his lifetime, was the oldest man in the world. He was the sole survivor of the beginnings of the RAF, and he had seen action at the Battle of Jutland on 31 May 1916, as well as in the trenches on the Western Front. Henry had spent the last years of his life educating people about the Great War. Only Harry Patch now remains as the last of the Great War veterans. Henry Allingham, well done. You can rest in peace now with your mates.


  1. Wow, the history to see pass you by at 113...

    Glad to see you back posting dear friend. I'm somewhat back in the stream myself. (Hugs)Indigo

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  2. Thanks again dear friend, I have been sitting reading all the "back days" You seemed to have had a real mixture of weather. However so glad to read that you got so many pictures etc. There is going ti be so many people grateful to you for all you have done for the war vetrans, and their families. I will say thank you on there behalf ...if they forget !!..
    Glad you are back with us safe and sound.
    Sybil xx