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Tuesday, 7 July 2009

7 July 2005

Today 4 years ago, suicide bombers struck the London Underground system and a London Transport bus. They took 52 innocent people with them to their deaths, and left 700 injured. Today in 2009, a memorial for those lost will be unveiled in Hyde Park, London.

7/7 ranks alongside 9/11 in the list of dates of infamy that will not be forgotten. Neither will those that were lost in either atrocity.


  1. I have remembered them on my posting today Guido. We must never forget.

  2. Yes Jeannette did a post about this sad event too. I'm happy to hear that a memorial has been built in memory of the victims. Hopefully, this gesture will be of some comfort to their families and friends. Linda in Washington

  3. I agree. I hope the memorial brings comfort to the affected families. Shame on the race of cowards who perpetuate these horrible events.


  4. Yes it has been a rater sad day for many people. As well as all the terrible destruction one can never forget. It brought back memories of my dear Jacqueline who was returning from holiday that day ...through London and who was on the phone almost contstantly....when she could get through...just for info as to what was happening as they were stuck in traffic for hours..How fast...yet slowly the years go by.
    love Sybil x

  5. Hope all is well,Guido.It's been a week since you posted.