Sunny evening, 6 June 2018

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Wednesday 10 June

After a few showers earlier, the day is clearing up to a repeat of yesterday. Bit breezier though.

Yesterday, the leader of the British National Party was pelted with eggs outside the Houses of Parliament as he tried to hold a press conference. The BNP is a far right party, which seeks the (voluntary) repatriation of immigrants, and does not want any ethnic minorities in its ranks. They gained two seats in the elections for the European Parliament last week.

This means that they are now representing parts of the UK in Europe, and have a right to air their message, however repugnant it is to a large section of society at large. Pelting their MEPs with eggs and possibly worse turns them into martyrs for their cause. Let them speak, let them air their message. And then everybody can make up their own mind about them - and see what a one-issue party can do for you. Little, probably nothing. Some people are best left to sink themselves by their own words.

I do not think anyone has much reason to complain about the appearance of the BNP in the European Parliament. The turn-out rate for the European elections was low, 43% nationally in the UK, and as low as 25% in some areas. If you don't bother to vote, then you have no right to complain.


  1. I would never not vote Guido, it was hard won for us woman by the Suffragette movement. My conscience wouldn`t allow me not to. As for the BNP, I think the majority of right thinking people have already made up their minds about them, I know I have.

    Love Sandra xx

  2. Yeah Guido..please comment on my entry about the violence at the National Holocaust Museum...
    and about the twelve years that two Korean American journalists got just for accidentally crossing the border between North and South while writing an article about the trafficking of women over the borders...
    I do hold with you that the more you restrain, hold captive and well up opposing views in a society the more that group will swell up with others against the government..and without improvement ... hugs...will you see your father on Fathers Day? Happy Fathers Day early anyway Guido