Sunny evening, 6 June 2018

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Tuesday 2 June

Changeable weather this afternoon, but only terms of the amount of cloud around. We have a northeasterly breeze going, and at the moment the sun is out. Temperature at 14C, lower than we had on Sunday (yesterday's readings were distorted due to the fog).

The search for the missing Air France jet continues, and debris has been spotted on the ocean surface, some 400 miles northeast of Brazil. Flight AF447 went missing as it crossed the Inter Tropical Convergence Zone, which at the time was active with severe thunderstorms. The ITCZ is a phenomenon that circles the globe, and is currently moving north with the sun. Later in the summer, it will spark this year's northern hemisphere hurricanes, from Africa in the east to Japan in the west. Coming back to the missing flight, there has so far been no confirmation of its fate. The chance of finding any survivors can safely be described as zero, or asymptotically close to that number.

Politics in the UK continues its process of corruption-fuelled meltdown. It is a good thing that the expenses racket has been exposed, and that the MPs are now all saying how sorry they are - yes, that they've been rumbled, you mean. If they hadn't, it would still be on-going. The result of Thursday's European and local elections will be very interesting indeed.

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  1. Those poor souls on that flight -my heart goes out to their family and friends...