Sunny evening, 6 June 2018

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Thursday 18 June

Breezy day today, with plenty of beefy showers about. The ferry just came in, pretty much on time, but with a bit of a green haze about it. Can't be a pleasant crossing.

Here in Stornoway, Woolworths are making a come-back with a store named Wee W [Wee = Scots for small, little]. I have to stop myself calling them Wee Wees, because Woolies is actually sorely missed by shoppers and shopkeepers alike. Although we have a backstreet shop called Alladin's Cave, which stocks all sorts of knick-knacks that Woolies used to keep, it has nowhere near the capacity of the larger store. Woolworths went bankrupt in December, and it left a large void in Stornoway's Cromwell Street, the main shopping area in town. The below picture was taken in April 2005.


  1. It was such a shame that Woolworths are no longer with us ~ I think we all miss shopping in that store ~ Ally x

  2. dear guido, you almost made me wet me britches. wee wees, huh? only you, my friend.

    but glad they are getting something in there to sort of replace woolies.

    i love your term "beefy showers". we are expecting some of those ourselves here in georgia.


  3. It is to be hopes that the new Wee Wee store ! makes a sucess. It seem sto me that so many high streets are sorely missing the old Woolworths. In Chippenham our nearest small town it is slowly becoming a ghost town and although not exactly the closure of Woolworths that has caused it, it has certainly not helped
    We have had a reasonable day no rain but lots of cloud. They tell me summer will return tomorrow and last till next week....fingers crossed !
    Love Sybil x