Sunny evening, 6 June 2018

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Sunday 21 June

Solstice Day, with the usual merry gathering at Stonehenge at the crack of dawn; without so much as a glimpse of the sun itself. I suspect a similar gathering will have been held at Callanish, although that monument has more of a lunar connotation than a solar one. Any excuse for a party for some.

Went out late last night, between 11.10 and 11.55 pm to take pictures of the amount of light still about; in spite of the thin cloud cover, it was still remarkable. Here are a few images.

Newton Basin reflecting the light from the north

Sunset colours over the town

Town Hall clock at 11.44pm


  1. Thanks for photos, really is very light.

    There is a local bit of lore about "The Shining One" walking down the avenue of Callanish on Midsummers but don't really know who or what that would be.

    It's all about the moon though, enjoyed your pics from the lunar standstill last year too.

  2. You photos are lovely Guido, I hope you've had good weather for the solstice. It's all down hill from here.... heading towards winter! Lol! Jeannette xx

  3. It is amazing what a couple of hundred miles can make. I was thinking about your pictures last night when I was putting on the light here at 9.15. and it really was getting quite gery by that time...I remember thinking that was one of the things I missed when we moved south the lovely long evenings.. As Jeanette says...we can now look forward ???? to winter !!
    My friends in NZ though are looking forward eagerly to summer.(they were complaing about it being cold it was ONLY 15 !!!) thats COLD??..I have asked them to send over their winter to us !!
    Love Sybil xx

  4. Beautiful pictures. I once spent a summer in Norway and I couldn't get over how it just never got dark. Yes...we partied for the solstice, too. LOL!

  5. These are beautiful pictures Guido. I would love to have that kind of light every night.

  6. Your pictures are wonderful Guido.
    Bedtime doesn't have the same pull when it is still light
    Take care.