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Monday, 15 June 2009

MSC Napoli

Those who have followed me here from Northern Trip may remember my report on the sinking of the container carrier MSC Napoli off Branscombe Bay in Devon in January 2007. The image above shows her on 21 January 2007. This was followed by widespread looting of its cargo when the containers washed up ashore. The Napoli has been cut into pieces and the last bit will be lifted off the seabed in the next few weeks.

Recently, 1100 metres of chain have been lain on the seabed, under the wreck of the Napoli - 90 metres of chain weigh 12 tons - and these will be used to hoist bits of the wreck up. Read more on the MCGA website.

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  1. I remember that entry well Guido. That is some weight for a chain!