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Saturday, 13 June 2009

Iranian Elections

Twitter once more comes into its own as a means of citizen reporting. This time from Iran, of all places. Rumours (sic) state that the elections were rigged to get current president Ahmadinajad reelected. You can get up to the second updates from people in Tehran and elsewhere in the country by searching for #IranElections on The election results, as retweeted by @mahdi, were allegedly as follows:

1 Moussavi (45.54%)
2 Karroubi (31.95%)
3 Ahmadinejad (13.60%)
4 Rezaei (8.91%)

There are running battles with riot police in the streets of Tehran, vehicles set alight. Mobile phone and Internet networks are on and off the air.

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  1. Hi Guido,

    Were we ever going to see a fair and balanced election result in Iran? No, not under the present circumstances. This mess is a shambles and belies such fraud and lies. It is up to the young new generation to bring the much needed change through Revolution, or Iran will be under another 4 to many more years of dictatorship.