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Thursday, 4 June 2009

Evening notes

I am feeling a wee bit sad this evening after reading that Morton is quitting his blog (see Call for Support). It is particularly due to the reasons he gives, namely that a lot of us are no longer making updates on our blogs. Whether this is due to a move to Twitter, Facebook, Myspace or offline is debatable. But it highlights very strongly the effect that the closing down of AOL Journals has had on what used to be known as J-land. Our community is dwindling, and I'm saddened by it.


  1. i recently did a post, commenting on the loss of most of our "j-land neighbors". i am so dishearted by it all.
    i briefly tried face book, but didn't like the format.
    i dropped by his blog & left a good luck comment.
    have a good upcoming wkend.

  2. thanks for the kind words both on here and my journal,also call for support.YOU WERE RIGHT GUIDO.jland can never be repeated anywhere else.i shall keep caring and sharing,i shan't delete it,and may add occasionally,one day i may take up the pen (ok the keyboard lol)again.take care guido,you were an inspiration to me in my early days.thanks for you help to me and so many wishes,mort

  3. It is so sad. I very much miss the AOL community that we had..
    Thank goodness there are good folks like you and Sugar that are still keeping us togther.
    Love Sybil x

  4. I rarely find time to blog now Guido. It's sad that our community is disappearing but it'll never be the same as J-Land was. I shall try to keep up my journal but it's a bit disheartening when you do entries and hardly anybdy reads or comments on it. Jeannette xx