Sunny evening, 6 June 2018

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Another boatful week

More unusual visitors to Stornoway this week: the Astor was here on Monday, covered in fog. Today, the cruiseliner Island Sky called in and half an hour ago we were treated to the sight of the 1945 training sailing ship Gunilla, registered in Sweden, coming into port under engine power at a leisurely 6 knots.

Astor in the fog off Sandwick on Monday

Cruiseliner Island Sky

Sailing ship Gunilla


  1. I misread your headline as Another beautiful weekend and I thought that does not sound like Guido but when I got here I saw that it was another 'boatful' weekend and I thought now that sounds just like Guido. Made me smile because you are indeed a man of all boats. Gerry

  2. I love the sheep header!!
    and the boats are nice too... :)

  3. Beautiful pictures of the boats Guido. Thank you. DB

  4. I love the pic at the top of your blog for it looks exactly like a place where I ended up when I was in London. I got on a train at Victoria Station and had a bit of jet lag as it was 4am my time. After listening for almost an hour to an elderly WWII vet talk and point out areas of the neighborhood as we passed, I dropped off to sleep for perhaps a minute after he'd stepped off and woke up in a place that looks just like that. I still don't know where I was but I will always remember it.

    The pics of the boats are something else too.

    Stopping in to wave at you and see how you're getting along and to tell you that we're all good too and celebrated another happy anniversary so all is well here. Hoping the same for you too.

  5. Thanks as alwasy for these photographs...The tall ship looked especially lovely. wonder if you will see her in full sail as she leaves..

    Love Sybil x