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Friday, 29 May 2009

Friday 29 May

No, I didn't do a posting yesterday. Was out to the west of the island and was cold and tired upon return. Went to Uig to see the local museum there, then crossed the few miles east to photograph 3 or 4 wargraves in the cemetery outside Valtos. Found myself waiting for a bus about half an hour at the Miavaig junction. Weather was misty, drizzly and cold with a very strong wind in exposed places. I already remarked on Facebook about the discrepancy in fares: when you go on the postbus, a return costs £5.45, but if you go on the Maclennan's bus (with onward connection from Garynahine) it is £6.00. The distance is 35 miles. May not sound much, but the postbus (which delivers mail along the way) takes 80 minutes, and there is a long section of roadworks, involving poor roadsurfaces etc. I'll make an entry with some pics later.

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