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Sunday, 5 April 2009


That is me finished for good with AOL. I just had a warning from the Resident Shield on my AVG Virus scanner, saying a Trojan (Trojan horse Agent2.ceg) had been found on my computer. It had infected a file on AdAware, and AVG had shunted it to the virus vault. The Trojan had come in on the back of an unsolicited download from AOL called Triton_uk_2.2.25.1\setup.exe. As I said I have not asked for this b****y download at all.

My apologies for anyone who got plagued by my emails from as well. AOL shunted its user profiles over to Bebo in January, and I cannot cope with yet another social networking site. My account with Bebo will be closed down today. I have quite enough to keep up with on Blogger, Facebook and Twitter.


  1. The only thing I use AOL for is my AOL mail, and I access that from the Web, not through AOL software. My next computer will have NO instant messaging software. Well, except on Facebook, which is bad enough, I'm sure.

  2. Oh, and I wondered what started that Bebo thing. Thanks!

  3. I had something similar today from a link sent to me on face book, I just have e-mails transfered from Aol I don't use the site at all now. There are plenty of Internet providers offering good deals.


  4. I stopped using AOL as an ISP a year ago. I minimised using their services since the abolition of AOL journals. I will now only use the email service, relayed to Gmail.

  5. I resist all lures to get me to download AOL in any form since one mess, and I am glad to hear you are no longer associated with bebo as I did not want to turn you down but did not know what to make of this. After kicking everyone out they are desperate for someone to participate. I cannot feel sorry for them. I transferred all my mail addresses also. I thought gee, I am sure Guido said he was closing down his parmolo/aol account, so that is a bummer, them sending this out.