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Saturday, 7 March 2009

Jade Goody

So this poor woman has now been christened in the hospital, alongside her children. I don't want to appear crass or insensitive, but I don't wanna hear much more about her.

Who is Jade Goody? That is a question justifiably asked by many people outside the UK. Jade was a Z-rated celebrity, who shot to prominence in 2002 as not exactly the brightest spark in the universe on the equally Z-rated Big Brother show. A year or so ago, she reappeared in a celebrity version of BB, and she was quite rude and loud to a Bollywood actress. It almost led to an international incident. Fortunately not - both women have now kissed and made up.

Her current spell in the limelight stems from a diagnosis of metastatic cervical cancer. She was given an abnormal papsmear result earlier in 2008, but did not act on it. Jade's prominence has led to an increased uptake in cervical smear tests among younger women, which is the way celebrity status should work. Kylie Minogue was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years ago, and she was quite open about disease and treatment. Jade got married in hospital recently, and it is recommended to her that now that the publicity has generated the funds needed to safeguard the future of her two children, she should withdraw from the public eye. Jade only has weeks to live, and is in much pain and discomfort.


  1. Guido, At first I thouhgt it was great that she and the kids got christened bt as I read further I can understand why you are tired of hearing about her.
    I never heard of her but she reminds me of the woman we have over her. This one had six children and was not married. She had invitro implants and eight of them took and she delivered octuplets. Now has fourteen childre all under ten years or less of age.
    I am really tired of hearing about her and it seems to me she is trying to make some money from this situaton.
    What is this world comming to? Bill

  2. whilst I'm sorry for Jades Plight (she got married at home by the way) I do feel that she should spend her remai ning time with her family, I understand her need to secure a finacial future for her family hers son's father is also a "Celebrity" and can afford to take are of his children, her husband of 2 weeks is now in prison will also gain from as he will probably sell his story also. I think about the thousands of women in this country suffering with cancer who have to really fight to have their voices heard and to even get the treatment they need to help prolong heir lives.


  3. I am with you on this one Gudio, I am just fed up hearing about her pain etc. And I am certainly not saying that without the greatest sorrow for her situation. However I don't think I could have put my wee boys in so much limelight as she has done these past few weeks. And also what a memory to leave with her wee boys of her looking so bad and in such pain..they must be so fearful for their Mum as well. I only hope that they will be well cared for, no amount of money will compensate for their Mum...and love and care can't be bought either...
    Love Sybil xx

  4. Totally agree Guido and Sybil.
    What exactly is Jade leaving her two young sons apart from money? A legacy of upsetting news articles and Youtube clips.
    It seems to me her 'celebrity' status is of more import to her than the emotional security of her boys. She should be concentrating on leaving them happy memories and not creating more misery for them in the future.

  5. Guido, several times I have wanted to do an entry on just this subject but drew back in case people thought I was hard, uncaring and insensitive. I am sick of the whole thing. It is a tragedy to any family when anyone dies. It is sad when it is a young mother with two small children. But the whole thing has become a media circus which I find very distasteful. If she choose to sell her story to Hello magazine that is up to her.

    However, now you cannot pick up any newspaper without coverage of her or mentions on the t.v. or the radio.

    She must have more than enough money to ensure her sons's futures and it makes me sick that others are also making a lot of money out of it.

    Sad to say, but she never lived with any dignity, she should at least die with some. Enough now, let us here no more, whatever time she has left should be for her family and nobody else.

  6. I disagree with every one of you. Jade has enjoyed her life since her stint in Big Brother. I see very little coverage of her 'plight' in my daily paper. Perhaps you should stop reading the tabloids. Your views are prurient, condescending and snobbish and say more about you than her. She has chosen her way in life. Who is to say it is inferior to anyone's. I would not choose to die in the limelight like she has, but it is her choice. She is not being manipulated.