View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Thursday 12 February

The day started out soaking wet, with pouring rain until daybreak. Things got progressively better as the morning wore on, although it is now mainly overcast if quite bright. Large amounts of snow are causing problems on the eastern side of the UK as milder air is making its way in from the west. The forecast maximum of +8C does not appear attainable at this stage of the day - the thermometer over at the airport (3 miles from here) is at 5C.

The controversial Dutch MP Geert Wilders has been held at Heathrow Airport after being denied entry to the UK. He will now duly be returned to the Netherlands. The Dutch ambassador was also at Heathrow to express his country's opposition to the ban on Mr Wilders.

I am pleased to note that Pope Benedict XVI has moved to limit damage caused by the reinstatement of holocaust denier Bishop Williamson. The pontiff has stated that he was unaware of the bishop's views, and apologises for any distress caused. The Jewish community in the USA has expressed relief at this. I have to say that I find it almost beyond belief that it was not known in the Vatican that Bishop Williamson was a holocaust denier.


  1. I'm not trying to be a jerk here but other than making his film what else has Wilders done? I just find it odd he "incites hatred". I'm just saying, a person can't turn someone into a hateful person and get them to do dirty deeds. I must not be seeing something with this case.

  2. Sadly you don`t have to do much to upset the PC brigade Guido. As for free speech it no longer exists....sigh.

    Love Sandra xx

  3. A holocaust denier?? He seriously said it didn't happen? What an idiot. I'm glad they recognized it...but like you I can't imagine how they did not already know his views.
    Stay warm over there!