Sunny evening, 6 June 2018

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Wednesday 26 November

Blustery day with the odd drop of drizzle and the odd chink of blue sky or even ray of sunshine today. Gales anticipated for tonight.

The North Atlantic hurricane season is coming to a quiet conclusion, but it has been far from quiet this year. Jeff Masters, who runs a very useful blog on Weather Underground, has written a summary. Cuba had 3 major hurricanes, and there will be a few names withdrawn from the rotating list on account of damage or loss of life. Ike will probably be one of them, but we need to await a decision by the World Meteorological Organisation on that.
At the moment, a cyclonic storm is battering northern Sri Lanka and the far south of India with winds of up to force 10 on the Beaufort scale. It will move ashore later today, to reemerge in the Arabian Sea in a few days' time.


  1. I never did hear if the cruise we had to cancel because I got so sick, ran into a hurricane. It was along the west coast of Mexico the week of Oct 12th-19th. I'm always happy to get out of California without an earthquake hitting while we're there. We can have them here in Washington, I don't want to be involved in one while on holiday.

  2. Interesting Guido - I did not know the Atlantic hurricane season lasted into December.

  3. Stay warm and dry and have a good evening.