View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Front picture

The pic at the head of my blog shows the beach at Dalbeg [Dail Beag] on the west coast of Lewis, some 20 miles west of Stornoway. This is a short video of waves crashing into the shore at Dalbeg.

Dalbeg itself is a one horse town, consisting of about half a dozen houses, a lily pond loch in summer and plenty sheep. This set on Flickr shows more than 150 pictures of the place.


  1. Yes, I really really love your photo on your main blog page that yes, takes up space, but so pleasant to see when I go to click on a blog entry......

    I'll enjoy this video, no doubt, and will imagine the sound of the waves lapping.

  2. The video was mesmerising. I dabbled my toes in some wonderful memories. Many thanks.

  3. I love your photo.
    Loved the video too. I love the sea. Heading to the coast in the morning just for the day. I'll be on the beach for sure, although it's a bit too cold for paddling.