View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Not under command

The above screenshot shows the area of sea between Lewis and the Scottish mainland. The ship, highlighted by the yellow information box, is marked as Not Under Command. The Mekhanik Semakov suffered engine failure earlier today some 2.6 miles off the Isle of Skye. Although repairs were tried, they were unsuccessful. The vessel meanwhile was drifting towards shore, so the Coastguard tug Anglian Prince took the ship under tow. As the above map shows, the combination is currently off the Shiant Isles, and is headed for Broad Bay, northeast of Stornoway, where they are expected to arrive later tonight.

A picture of the ship can be viewed here.


  1. Let us hope that they get there safely.

  2. At least the sea conditions aren't too bad

  3. Wow...I hope they are safe!

  4. Hi Guido,

    I ly found where you are at these days. Love the look of the new blog. I am starting again too on blogger.